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Pinch, Punch…

I was rudely alerted to the date this morning by ‘the other half’ gleefully attacking me in a most horrific physical manner while shrieking ‘Pinch, punch, first of the month¬†and no returns!’ I feel I should stress here that neither of us are minors – so why do adults feel they have to behave like hyperactive crazed children sometimes?

It’s bad enough that the dog gets treated like some kind of retarded halfwit (‘Did ‘oo like din-dins? Is it yummy in your tummy?’ I’m sure he’d have a few ripe responses ready if he could actually speak) but now it’s my turn. I had to remind her that we are both adults above the age of consent and that if she didn’t take steps to curb her violent tendencies I may have to consider the option of reporting the incident to the authorities as an example of spousal abuse.

But she threatened to bend the gun on my remote control Dalek if I didn’t shut up, so I went to my room and sulked. So there.



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