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Deep breath. Ok, I’ll try again…

Not quite sure why I haven’t posted on here in a year… no-one seems to have noticed though. Which is nice.

So, what’s been happening? Not a lot, another year older, another year stupider. I did change jobs though, I finally got it right and left a really crappy job for a really good one. Not financially speaking, the salary’s the same as my last job, but the job itself is interesting, the people are great, the company which runs the place is employee-friendly and my working hours are bloody superb. If I tell you any more I’ll have to kill you. Suffice to say I’m in a happier headspace than I have been for years. Whatever that means.

The header picture for my blog is not a nuclear explosion. It’s a summer sunrise over the landscape I walk the dog in every morning. It’s a bit flat and tree-light for my own tastes but I never take it for granted, I could never live in a city – I know, I’ve tried. Without nearby green and peace and fresh air and wildlife I would go insane. So I’m not entirely over the moon about the currently approved plans to turn the above picture into a bypass and housing estates… Luckily the current recession has put the project on hold but it will one day resurface and then my beloved fields of green will be gone forever. When the time comes perhaps I’ll do an Arthur Dent and lie down in front of the bulldozers…

Take a long look Mr J, soon all this will be gone...


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I just wrote a massive post to celebrate my return after a full year of non-blogging but it remains forever in my head now ‘cos the computer ate it and I’m not writing all that out again. So there.

See you May 25th 2011…

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